Woodlands Centre Road Estate

In June 2012, HDB announced that Blk 1A to 6A of Woodlands Centre Road has been selected for Selective En-bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS). Residents of these 6 blocks, built in 1980, will move over the replacement flats at Woodlands Drive 70 in 2016.

Woodlands Centre Road 01
Blk 6A Woodlands Centre Road, where Sheng Siong Supermarket is located

The Old Woodlands Town Centre was developed since the early 1970s. Located next to the checkpoint, it was frequented by both locals and Malaysians.

Woodlands Centre Road 02
Woodlands Centre Road 03
Blk 2A Woodlands Centre Road, with its coloured columns

The estate stands approximately at the original site of Marsiling Village. Interestingly, all the block numbers here end with the suffix “-A”.

The most iconic feature in this estate is the presence of various spiral ramps and circular features. The most prominent one is located next to Blk 6A, connecting it to the overhead bridge across Woodlands Centre Point.

Woodlands Centre Road 04
Woodlands Centre Road 06Woodlands Centre Road 05
Circular & spiral features

Two other such ramps are found on both sides of an underpass located next to Blk 3A, connecting the estate to the Woodlands Town Garden. One ramp leads underground while another continues in a spiral staircase up to a watchtower.

Woodlands Centre Road 07
Spiral ramp leading to underpass
Woodlands Centre Road 08

Woodlands Bus Interchange
Constructed: 1970s
Status: Lost
Demolished: Late 1990s

Woodlands Centre Road - Old Woodlands Bus Interchange 01
The old bus interchange has been converted into a heavy vehicle car park (closer to Block 1A in the background)

The old town centre was served by a bus interchange since its early years. Its function was replaced by the Woodlands Regional Bus Interchange in 1996.

Woodlands Cinema
Constructed: 1980
Status: Losing

Woodlands Centre Road - Shaw Brothers Old Cinema 01
Old Shaw Brothers Cinema

The estate is also home to the old Woodlands Cinema, owned by Shaw Brothers, which enjoyed its primetime as a cineplex in the 1980s, until declining usage led to its closure in the 2000s.

Woodlands Centre Road - Shaw Brothers Old Cinema 02
Taking a peek into its history
Woodlands Centre Road - Shaw Brothers Old Cinema 03
This corridor used to be lined with huge billboards

Woodlands Point
Constructed: Late 1990s
Status: Losing

Located next to the cinema is the Woodlands Point, a small shopping arcade still functioning today.

Woodlands Centre Road - Woodlands Point 01
Woodlands Point

In March 2017, it was announced that the plots of land occupied by Woodlands Point and the old Woodlands Cinema will be acquired by the state for the extension of Woodlands Checkpoint. Tenants have until October 2018 to move out.

Woodlands Town Garden
Designed by HDB
Constructed: 1983
Status: Found

Woodlands Centre Road - Woodlands Town Garden 01
Woodlands Town Garden

The Woodlands Town Garden was built by the HDB in 1983. In the park is an assortment of Chinese pavilions and Malay huts, and the landscaping is influenced by a mixture of both styles. Despite spanning a total of 12.8ha, it seemed to be severely under-utilised.

Woodlands Centre Road - Woodlands Town Garden 02Woodlands Centre Road - Woodlands Town Garden 02
Woodlands Centre Road - Woodlands Town Garden 04
”Ethnicity” themed landscaping and features

A sand-based playground can also be found in the park. With most playgrounds in Singapore converted to rubber bases, this is probably one of the few remaining ones left.

Woodlands Centre Road - Woodlands Town Garden 05
Sand-based playground

With the opening of the Woodlands MRT Station in the 1990s, the town centre was shifted there, complete with its own shopping mall and bus interchange.
The old town centre is then gradually forgotten by many.

File Last Updated: March 30, 2017


One response to “Woodlands Centre Road Estate

  1. Last week, I was on board bus 160 towards the Woodlands Checkpoint and JB. A Malaysian old auntie who had stayed in SG for over two decades (and raised educated her two sons in SG) chatted with me.

    She told me that business for those shops at and around Woodlands Point and the old Shaw Bros cinema drastically declined after the new Woodlands Checkpoint became operational. And that’s the reason why they’re going to be demolished soon.

    Unlike the old Woodlands Checkpoint, the new Woodlands Checkpoint is too far away from where the shops are located. Previously, if you came through the old checkpoint from JB, all those shops would be right in front of you along the road.

    She also told me that due to the SGD-ringgit exchange rates as they are now, very few people buy stuff to bring into Malaysia. Back in the day, it would be common for people to buy something from those shops before bringing them into Malaysia. Now, the reverse has happened: Singaporeans travel to JB to shop, then they bring their shopping back to SG.

    I don’t have too many memories of that place in Woodlands. Most of the time I would take the KTM train from the Tanjong Pagar railway station when travelling to Malaysia.

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