Kranji Heritage Trail (part 2)

Along Kranji Road, there are 2 more sites under the Kranji Heritage Trail. Both are located next to each other.

Kranji Railway Crossing
Status: Lost
Demolished: 2011

Kranji Railway 01
Where the railway crossing along Kranji Road used to be

Before the KTM railway land was returned in Singapore in 2011, the railway used to cross Kranji Road at this point. It is the first level crossing that trains have to go through after they enter Singapore. However, after the railway tracks were removed, the barrier and the signal hut were also gone. Even the road was widened and re-paved. With no traces left of the crossing, the only reminder there was the information board for the Kranji Heritage Trail.

Kranji Army Barracks
Constructed: 1930s
Status: Lost
Demolished: 2013

Kranji Army Barracks 01
Kranji Army Barracks

Right next to the Kranji Railway Crossing site is the Kranji Army Barracks. There were actually two abandoned army camps, one on each side of the road. Previously known as “Woodlands Camp I” and “Woodlands Camp II”, the base was built by the British in the 1930s. It was one of the first military bases to be taken over by the Japanese during WWII.

Kranji Army Barracks 02
Kranji Army Barracks 04
Kranji Army Barracks

The Ordnance Supply Base was set up here in 1970 for weapons and ammunition storage. The OSB was later privatized. ST Logistics also occupied this base before moving to its current location in Clementi.

Ordinance Supply Base 01
Ordinance Supply Base 02
The abandoned camp on the other side of the road

The School of Transport was also located here previously, before moving to its HQ location.

Kranji Army Barracks 06
Kranji Army Barracks 07
Kranji Army Barracks

Both bases were in a rundown state, with metal roofs corroded off and some buildings collapsed. The bases were fenced up, but it was possible to view them from the outside along Kranji Road.

Kranji Army Barracks 05
Blk 58, probably after a tree collapsed over it
Kranji Army Barracks 03
Some of the buildings were in a dilapidated state

Kranji Army Barracks is currently being demolished. The camp on the east of Kranji Road has already been expunged, while demolition work is currently going on at the camp on the west of Kranjir Road.

Kranji Army Barracks 08
Ordinance Supply Base 03
Kranji Army Barracks bites the dust

According to the project information displayed, both camp sites were referred to as “Woodlands Camp 02”, though the one to the west was “MK 13” while the one to the east was “MK 11”. Both fall within the Sungei Kadut Planning Area. Demolition work is expected to be completed within the first quarter of 2013.

Kranji Army Barracks 09
Kranji Army Barracks 10
Demolition works going on. Ironically, it was then that the front gate was open and I could get the clearest view of the camp

File Last Updated: January 21, 2013


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