Ghim Moh Estate

Ghim Moh 01
Ghim Moh Estate

Part of the Buona Vista District of Queenstown, Ghim Moh Estate consists of over 20 HDB flats built in the late 1970s. It is famous for the good local food found in the food centre.

Ghim Moh 12
Ghim Moh Estate

Ghim Moh Estate is connected to Buona Vista MRT Station via an underpass under Commonwealth Ave West.

Commonwealth Ave West Underpass 01
Commonwealth Ave West Underpass

Commonwealth Ave West Underpass 02Commonwealth Ave West Underpass 03
A former newspaper stand remains

Commonwealth Ave West Underpass 04Commonwealth Ave West Underpass 05
A sheltered linkway connected Blk 9A to the underpass, while a small garden was located along it. The plaque that marked the opening of the linkway has been removed

Before Ghim Moh Estate and Ghim Moh Road were built, a Lorong Bunglon used to run through the site. There was a community centre situated along this road. It seems to be the predecessor to Ulu Pandan Community Centre.

Ghim Moh 06
Ghim Moh 15
Ghim Moh Estate

The Ghim Moh Blk 20 Market & Food Centre is located on the west side of Ghim Moh Road, between Blk 19 and Blk 21. It is a single-storey structure with a zinc roof. Famous local food includes chwee kueh and hor fun.

Ghim Moh Road Market & Food Centre 01Ghim Moh Road Market & Food Centre 02
Ghim Moh Road Market & Food Centre 03
Ghim Moh Road Market & Food Centre

Blk 21 is distinctive as it forms a rectangular loop around a central “courtyard”, where an open air car park is located. It consists of a high rise residential tower standing on one side, and a 4-storey commercial and residential “podium” on the other 3 sides. On the other hand, Blk 7, 8, 13 and 14 are point blocks amidst the remaining slab blocks.

Ghim Moh 13
Blk 21

Ghim Moh 14
The kopitiam below Blk 19 used to be a McDonald’s, a favourite haunt for students from nearby schools

KTM Railway Tracks
Status: Lost
Demolished: 2011

Ghim Moh KTM Railway 03
The KTM Railway Tracks, prior to removal

The KTM railway used to run in front of Blk 9A and 12A, before tunnelling under the junction of North Buona Vista Road and Commonwealth Ave West.

Ghim Moh KTM Railway 01
Ghim Moh KTM Railway 02
The KTM Railway Tracks, after removal

Residents of these 2 blocks would not only hear the trains pass by everyday, but could also see the trains from their corridors. A fence, however, was erected between the blocks and the tracks, as the strip of land where the tracks stood belonged to Malaysia until it ceased operations in 2011.

Ulu Pandan Community Centre
Constructed: 1998 to 2002
Status: Found

Ulu Pandan CC 01
Ulu Pandan Community Centre

The Ulu Pandan Community Centre has been located on its current site since the Ghim Moh Estate was constructed, but its current 9-storey building was only officially opened in 2002. It houses numerous facilities, such as a theatrette, dance studios, an amphitheatre and a civil defence shelter. An office for the Holland-Bukit Panjang Town Council is also located here.

Ulu Pandan CC 02Ulu Pandan CC 03
Outdoor facilities at the CC

Its clock tower is clearly visible along Ghim Moh Road.

Former Ghim Moh Primary School and Ghim Moh Secondary School
Status: Found

These 2 schools were located on the west side of the estate. Ghim Moh Secondary School merged with Jin Tai Secondary School to form Clementi Woods Secondary School in 2007, and is now located along West Coast Road. Its campus is now used as the Ministry of Eduation Language Centre, the second language centre (after the one in Bishan) where third language and other language classes are offered by MOE. Ghim Moh Primary School, on the other hand, merged with New Town Primary School in 2008, and moved to Tanglin Halt Road. The Singapore Centre for Chinese Language now occupies the campus buildings.

Ghim Moh Bus Terminal
Status: Found

Ghim Moh Bus Terminal 03
Ghim Moh Bus Terminal 01
Ghim Moh Bus Terminal

Ghim Moh Bus Terminal was one of the 3 roadside terminals built in the 1970s in this vicinity (the other 2 being Buona Vista Bus Terminal and Commonwealth Ave Bus Terminal). It is located along Ghim Moh Road, in front of Blk 9. Buses were parked either along the road or at the entrance to the car park next to Blk 9.

Ghim Moh Bus Terminal 02
Ghim Moh Bus Terminal 04
Ghim Moh Bus Terminal

The bus terminal serves bus services 92, 100 and 111.

Blk 9 to 12, 9A & 12A
Status: Lost
Demolished: 2014

Ghim Moh 04
Ghim Moh Estate

In 2006, SERS was announced for Blk 9 to 12, 9A and 12A, on the east of Ghim Moh Road. Residents and shopowners were offered a place at the new Ghim Moh Link Estate, located across Sungei Ulu Pandan.

Ghim Moh 08Ghim Moh 07
Ghim Moh 09
Ghim Moh Estate, after SERS

Ghim Moh Link 01
Ghim Moh Link, the new estate for affected residents

By end 2012, most of the residents have moved out and all the shops were closed.

Ghim Moh 05
Ghim Moh 16
Former coffee shop and minimart, now closed

Ghim Moh 11
Ghim Moh 10
Senior citizens’ corner being cleared up

Not long after I visited the place in late 2012, I read on the news that only one resident remained in Blk 9A.

Ghim Moh 02Ghim Moh 03
The gates at Blk 9A were still open for the sole remaining resident

The flats were demolished by the end of 2014.

File Last Updated: July 8, 2015

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  2. May I ask when did you visit the place when only one resident was still living at Blk 9A? Also, were the lifts still running then for that particular block, and could you please provide me with the source where you found out only one resident in the estate remained? Thanks!

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