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Image Hosting Issues

So it seems that Flickr is updating its terms of services, limiting free accounts to 1,000 photos only (down from the initial 1 TB worth of photos). Extra photos will be deleted from its server, which means many of the photos I have here will be taken down if I don’t transfer them to a new image hosting site in time (which might take a while, considering how long I’ve been taking to write the next post).

Any suggestions for alternative free image hosting sites? First Photobucket, now Flickr… :/

Old Singapore Street Directories

Good news for built heritage enthusiasts: 23 editions of Singapore’s street directories from 1954 to 2009 are now online for viewing and downloading! Old street directories are a great way to observe transformations of a place over time, and to get a glimpse of how a place used to be like, if photographs are not available.

The maps can be accessed here.

Photo Issues

Hi all, there seems to be some issues with viewing the photos on this site. I’m in the process of transferring them over to another host. It might take a while, so sorry about that!

Queenstown’s 60th Birthday

On 27th September, we celebrated the 60th birthday of Queenstown. Being the first satellite town to be built by the HDB, many Singaporeans share memories of the place. Over the past 60 years, Queenstown has changed. Some places were lost, some remained, but all will stay in our memories. What are your memories of Queenstown?

Singapore, Lost & Filed

In recent years, I have been travelling around Singapore, capturing shots of places around Singapore before they disappear. This blog was set up to consolidate all these photos and any other relevant information that I have gathered. I’ll be posting them up shortly. Stay tuned!